This department brings together seasoned lawyers and auditors with expertise in harnessing the advantages provided by the law and addressing any challenges clients may encounter with auditing authorities.


 Personal and Corporate Taxation Services:
      • Thorough tax compliance, encompassing accounting preparation, tax return filing, affidavits, and managing any potential notifications or audits.
      • Preparation of various types of tax returns, either individually or in combination.
      • Tax review and audit support.
      • Enhancing tax efficiency.
 Application of Agreements
      • Counsel to prevent double taxation.
      • Audit for the utilization of tax credits.
      • Comprehensive support for multi-country accounting.
 International Corporate Taxes
      • Mergers and acquisitions.
      • Transfer pricing.

 At the administrative office
    • Addressing notifications and reviews requested by the tax authority.
    • Managing summonses from the SII (Chilean Internal Revenue Service.)
    • Protecting assets.
    • Handling RAV and RAF (Chile only).
    • Processing tax refunds withheld by the tax authority.
    • Correcting errors made by taxpayers, whether related to overpayments, underpayments, or errors in any of the returns.
 In a legal context
    • Violation of rights in a legal context.
    • Challenging assessments.
    • Contesting unjustified tax assessments.
    • General tax disputes (assessments, calculations).
    • Defending against complaints filed by the Internal Revenue Service.
    • Filing appeals and cassation remedies in tax lawsuits.
Nearly 100 years of advising individuals, families, and high-net-worth businesses have endowed BALADA with a vast repertoire of cases, providing a breadth of analysis and solution alternatives for any legal issue or requirement.


    • Succession reorganizations for both heritage preservation and safeguarding the family business activity.
    • Family protocols, along with all supporting documentation.
    • Handling of estate processes. Effective possession, inheritance tax, partition, and all related procedures.
    • Mediation for settling communal estates.
    • Reorganization in the event of physical or mental incapacity of any family member, whether for their protection or to ensure the operational continuity of the businesses they are involved in.
    • Donations.
    • Wills.
    • Succession legal structures.

    • Corporate and Estate Transactions
    • Formation, alterations, divisions, mergers, and acquisitions of companies in Chile and abroad
    • Corporate restructuring
    • Shareholder agreements, framework agreements, and similar arrangements
    • Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs)
    • Drafting of civil and commercial contracts in various areas
    • Compliance

    • Advisory services to prevent contentious disputes.
    • Civil litigation, including cases related to rent collection, unpaid fees, invoices, or similar matters.
    • Arbitration proceedings
    • Defense and management of lawsuits concerning minority interests.
    • Defense and management of cases involving the application of corporate criminal liability law (applicable only in Chile)
    • Defense and management of general complaints arising from commercial relationships.
Conducting business with the benefit of continuous tax assessment has become a necessity in light of the ongoing global tax increases. This is the advantage that BALADA provides to its clients.


  • Mergers and acquisitions with or without purchase agreements
  • Business valuation
  • Debt renegotiation and restructuring
  • Purchase and sale of assets

  • Designing and implementing performance evaluation systems.
  • Implementing crime prevention models.
  • Implementing cash flow control and projection systems.
  • Implementing budget control systems.
  • Implementing performance indicator calculation and control systems (KPIs).
  • Outsourcing accounting and management functions.
  • Outsourcing payroll and/or human resources processes.