José Ignacio Balada

  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Engineering from Universidad de Santiago.
  • He holds a Master’s degree in Tax Planning from Universidad de Santiago and a Master’s degree in Public Policy from Universidad de Chile.
  • Former Operations Manager at Atimer Ltda.
  • Former Finance Manager and Board Member of INPPA Ltda.
  • Director of Molino San Bernardo S.A. and various related companies.
  • Director of Reich S.A.
  • He has served on the boards of companies from various sectors, including Reinike S.A., Fastpack S.A., Transamérica S.A., and Soluciones Orión S.A.
  • José Ignacio’s primary focus lies in business activities and advocating for the role of companies as drivers of social change.
  • He currently serves as President of the Board and Owner at Balada.